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Before writing a ticket please get your Purchase Code and your License Certificate:

simple weather purchase-code

simple weather purchase-code

Before opening a new ticket, please make sure you have read through all our documentation. Also, our FAQ section contains helpful answer to questions we often receive from our customers. Following these steps is in the users’ interest, as they will save valuable time. Still, we are always happy to respond to any inquiries you may have related to the Simple Weather Plugin.

Installing the Plugin

simple weather login

simple weather login

Before installing this plugin, you need to have a WordPress platform already installed on your server. You can download it from, if you don’t have it already.

If you do not know how or you have problems with the installation, you can access helpful information at:

Once you have a working WordPress on your server, you have two available ways to install this plugin.

FTP Upload

  • Step 1 – Unzip the .zip package file you downloaded from Code Canyon and locate the folder named simple-weather
  • Step 2 – Upload this folder on your server in your WordPress directory to /wp-content/plugins/

WordPress Upload

simple weather upload

simple weather upload

The second way to install the plugin is by logging in from your website’s to the WordPress Dashboard and:

  • Step 1 – Go to Appearance > Plugins > Add New > Upload
  • Step 2 – From there, you should  select the file from your computer
  • Step 3 – After clicking the Install Now button, the installation process is finished
  • Step 4 – After installing the plugin is recommended to activate it by clicking  Activate Plugin

Activating the Simple Weather Plugin

simple weather activation

simple weather activation

After you have completed the install process, in either of the two ways, you need to activate it in case you didn’t already in the WordPress installation method.

Log in to the WordPress Dashboard, go to Plugins >Installed Plugins and select Simple Weather Plugin. Click the Activate button and you can start using the plugin.

Shortcode Usage

simple weather shortcode

simple weather shortcode

If you need a simple weather display, with just the temperature and location for today, this simple shortcode does the trick:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk"]

For a location that cannot be found by name, you can use latitude & longitude coordinates:

[simple-weather latitude="" longitude=""]

If you want to use a different weather station, you can use the station option, with the value “darksky”. The Darksky weather info works only with latitude and longitude coordinates:

[simple-weather latitude="" longitude="" station="darksky"]

If you use the Darksky weather station, you can choose to display the current weather, instead of the forecasted weather:

[simple-weather latitude="" longitude="" station="darksky" show_current="yes"]

If you want to display more than the current day, you need to add the days option:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2"]

To add the forecast for night time:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes"]

The standard weather display is in Fahrenheit degrees (imperial units). If you want to switch to Celsius degrees, you need to set the units to metric:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes" units="metric"]

If you want to change the standard date display, you need to set a value for date, according to:, and add it to the shortcode:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes" units="metric" date="l"]

You can improve the overall performance of our plugin, if you use your own API Key from If you choose to do so, add it to the shortcode:

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes" units="metric" date="l" api="YOUR API KEY HERE"]

By default, the weather updates with each page refresh. If you want to set a custom update interval, you can add a value, in minutes, to the shortcode. The value 0 means the default update, with each refresh.

[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes" units="metric" date="l" api="YOUR API KEY HERE" interval ="5"]

You can also use several parameters to adjust the display of your weather info:

  • text_align: use this to change the alignment of the weather info. Accepted values are: left, right and center.
  • display: use this parameter to display the weather info in a block. Accepted value: block.
  • style: use this to change the style of your weather display. Accepted values are: blocks and large-icons.
[simple-weather location="London, Uk" days="2" night="yes" units="metric" text_align="right" display="block" style="large-icons"]

Widget Usage

simple weather widget

simple weather widget

  • Step 1 – In order to insert the widget navigate to Appearance > Widgets and drag the Simple Weather Widget to your sidebar.
  • Step 2 – Configure the widget with your options. Read the Widget Options documentation
  • Step 3 – Click the Save button to publish your widget

Widget Options

simple weather widget options

simple weather widget options

  • Title –  Choose widget title. If no title is entered, it will display the location as title.
  • Weather Station: Choose the weather info provider, between Open Weather Map and Dark Sky. If you choose Dark Sky, you have to define the Location through latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Location Type: Choose how you will set the location: Location or Coordinates. If you choose Auto, the plugin will take the visitor’s location, through IP geolocation.
  • Location: You can choose the city and the country for the weather display.
  • Latitude & Longitude: You can enter coordinates for a location that cannot be found by name. Use decimal coordinates (ex: 43.343 & 12.4543).
  • Units: You can use Imperial ( Fahrenheit degrees) or Metric ( Celsius degrees) units to display the temperature.
  • Days: You can choose the number of days for the forecast. The maximum value is 7. If you choose None, it will not display a forecast for the next days, just the current weather.
  • Weather Check Interval: You can choose how often the plugin will update the weather info: every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes, every hour, every 2 hours or with each page refresh.
  • Response Timeout: You can choose for how many seconds the plugin should try to retrieve the weather info until it times out.
  • Language: You can choose the language* for the weather feed.
  • Background Color: Choose the background color of the widget.
  • Text Color: Choose the text color of the widget.
  • API Key (optional): You can use your own API Key from This will improve the general performance of our plugin.

*Available languages for Open Weather Map station: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Catalan

*Available languages for Dark Sky station: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Croatian, Azerbaijanian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Cornish, Norwegian, Slovak, Serbian, Tetum, Igpay Atinlay


1. I want just a basic weather display, location and temperature. How do I do that?

You can use the shortcode:

[simple-weather location="City, Country"]

or you can use the widget.

2. I can’t find the location I want. What do I do?

You can enter the coordinates in the shortcode like this:

[simple-weather latitude="" longitude=""]

or you can use the Coordinates option from the widget. You can use this website: iTouch Map ServiceiTouch Map to get the exact coordinates.

3. Can I display the weather for the place where my visitor is?

Yes. If you set the Location Type, in the widget, to Auto, the plugin will take the visitor’s location, through IP geolocation. Through shortcode:

[simple-weather location="auto"]

4. How do I display the temperature in Celsius degrees?

If you are using the shortcode, you have to add the option units with the value set to metric:

[simple-weather location="City, Country" units="metric"]

For the widget, use the Units option to choose Metric.

5. How can I choose a format for the date?

If you don’t want to use our default format (day), you have to use a shortcode and set a value for date, according to: PHP Manual, and add it to the shortcode:

[simple-weather location="City, Country" date="l"]

6. Why should I use my own API Key?

Using your own API Key is optional, but we recommend it, as it will improve the overall performance of our plugin, due to a better connection with the website.

7. How often is the weather updated?

Our default configuration for the plugin is to update the weather for each page refresh. If you want to set a fixed interval for weather update, you can set one, in minutes, through shortcode or choose one of the available options of the widget (10 or 30 minutes, one or two hours).


The Simple Weather Plugin was developed by Curly Themes. Here is a list of credits and attributions:

Release Notes:

Simple Weather Plugin 2.0. (June 10, 2015)
  • Overall performance improvement
  • Support for API Key
  • Added the interval parameter to the weather shortcode
  • Added the interval option to the weather widget